Wooden doors are just not good enough.

Find out what makes Tata Pravesh Steel Doors the better choice.

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Tata Pravesh Ordinary Wood Finish Door

Ordinary Wooden Doors


Tata Pravesh Steel Doors

Tata Pravesh Steel Doors

Termite Resistant

Termite infestation is likely due to moisture

Termite proof doors

Tata Pravesh Steel doors are far more resistant to termites than wooden doors

Shape does not change

Changes shape in moisture/heat making it harder to open & close!

Never shrinks/expands/warps/bows!

Doesn’t swing/Make sound

Butt hinges wear away easily!

Never shrinks/expands/warps/bows!

Strong Material

Can be easily broken/cut even by a hammer!

4 times stronger than an ordinary door

Branded lock at the Right Place

Lock must be purchased and installed

Get a free branded single point lock with a unique key

Variety of Beautiful Designs

Beauty at the cost of security and strength

Tata Pravesh Door Designs

35 designs to choose from, all strengthened by steel

Polish doesn’t peel off

Polish needed every 2 -3 years for protection from water and sun

Tata Pravesh Door Features

UV resistant, powder-painted with heat technology and a 5 year warranty!

Maintenance Free

Requires regular servicing to protect the wood from the natural weather elements

Steel is 7 times more resistant to warpage

Ordinary Wooden Door vs Tata Pravesh Doors
Tata Pravesh Doors are Termite Resistant
Tata Pravesh Doors Easy to Maintain
Tata Pravesh Doors made with strong Material
Royal looking Doors - Tata Pravesh
Tata Pravesh Door Designs
Tata Pravesh Door Features
Tata Pravesh Doors are Maintenance Free
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