Tata Pravesh, the new stalwart brand in Tata Steel’s portfolio, offers you the complete range of stunning and strong home solutions-from steel doors to windows with inclusion of ventilators. Each product of this range has the strength of steel and the beauty of wood. The cutting-edge products are long lasting and ensure ultimate security for your home so that you can keep your loved ones secure.

Combining the strength of steel and the beauty of wood, Pravesh doors offer complete peace of mind to its users in terms of price, quality, durability and security. The doors are manufactured from high grade steel using state-of-the-art technology to ensure supreme resistance to fire and other hazards commonly experienced in the case of wooden doors. Factory-engineered to perfection, every product is uniform in quality and finish; the texture resembles that of real wood. Easy and quick installation process further adds to the popularity of Pravesh doors. It offers complete happiness to consumers.

Even the Pravesh windows provide highest security with maximum beauty. Pravesh windows have a steel casement along with a vision glass and are given a wood finish. The wide array of styles is both affordable and energy efficient. Windows are hinged and are opened or closed by swinging in or out. The casement locks are hook-shaped and embedded within the frame, which makes them unbreakable.

Keep your loved ones secure with the power of steel.

Absolute security

With the in-build strength of steel

Termite Proof

No termites for life


Steel doors are fire resistant

Environmentally Friendly

Easily recyclable

Long lasting beauty

Made of all weather-proof steel to last longer

Uniform Quality

Factory engineered to provide uniform quality


These doors do not require frequent application of pesticide and varnish

Value for Money

Superior products at reasonable prices