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Tata Pravesh

Steel Doors With Unmatched Strength

Why Tata Pravesh Doors are better than Wooden Doors?

A door is meant to provide security to your loved ones however, the level of security offered can differ from door to door. When choosing a door, it is vital to select one that is not only sturdy but also withstands wear and tear, over time. This includes damage caused due to natural elements like the sun, water and termites, along with man-made damages.


5 year warranty

on manufacturing defects & termite infestations, lock & color or texture fading

Seasonal Collection

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Better than Wooden Doors

Termite Resistant

Pravesh Steel doors are far more resistant to termites than wooden doors

Shape Does Not Change

Never shrinks/expands/warps/bows!

Doesn't Swing / Make Sound

Ball-bearing hinges take 2 times the weight and work 8 times longer.

Strong Material

4 times stronger than an ordinary door

Branded Lock at the Right Price

Get a free branded single point lock with a unique key

Variety of Beautiful Designs

35 designs to choose from, all strengthened by steel

Polish Doesn't Peel Off

UV resistant, powder-painted with heat technology and a 5 year warranty!

Maintainence Free

Steel is 7 times more resistant to warpage


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Pravesh doors come with a 5-year warranty on paint, texture fading, manufacturing defects, lock, as well as one-year warranty for the rest of the accessories.


Unparalleled Strength and Quality

If you’re looking for a door that comes with uncompromised toughness and quality, look no further. Tata Pravesh doors are four times more secure and the finish of our doors is twelve times better than wooden doors.



Every two Pravesh Doors saves a tree* T&C Apply. Get the strength of steel, while ensuring that you are not causing any damage to Mother Nature.


Termite and Fire Resistant

Due to the steel build, Pravesh doors are more resistant to termites than the regular wooden doors. That’s not all, our doors are also fire-resistant, ensuring better safety of your loved ones and you.



We will stand by you come rain or shine. Pravesh doors are crafted using superior quality steel that is equipped to battle any and every weather condition.



Pravesh doors are seven times more resistant to wear and tear when compared to the regular wooden doors.


Exhaustive Range

We are revolutionizing the way people look at steel doors. With over 35 options to choose from, we have doors that can amplify every house décor.


Value for Money

Now avail the quality and trust of Tata Steel at pocket-friendly prices.


Easy, hassle-installation

Worry free installation by trained Tata Steel experts.

Our Blog

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