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‘Well begun is half done.’ Set the right tone for your space with quality doors from Tata Pravesh.

More than just an entryway, the doors of a house or an office define both security and style. Elegant and premium-looking doors that complement your aesthetics, set the vibe of your space.

Tata Pravesh (from the house of Tata Steel) understands this fact and has introduced a wide range of sturdy and stunning steel doors suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial requirements.

With the advanced sublimation technology, our doors are adorned with premium wood grain finish and are less prone to damage, cracks, peeling, bowing, and warping.
Made from superior quality galvanized iron sheets with a Honeycomb paper filling, Tata Pravesh doors are robust and long-lasting while offering the look and feel of a traditional wooden door.

A door can serve you best only if it has been fitted in the best door frame. At TataPravesh, our doors come with integrated frame and all the accessories. Made from steel, it carries all the qualities of the door it holds— no wobbling, creaking, rattling, rusting, warping, bending, swelling or burning. Thus, the frame ensures your door’s life is increased by a decade or two.

Choose from our wide collection of elegant designs to pick the perfect door for your residence or office space.

Tata Pravesh Plain Wood Finish Doors

Residential Doors

Building your dream home is once in a lifetime experience and you would surely not want to compromise when it comes to quality and elegance of the décor including the door for the home. Tata Pravesh offers an elaborate range of premium steel doors with sophisticated wooden finish that suits all your residential door requirements. With the strength of steel, Tata Pravesh doors are not only more secure, tough and durable but also fire-resistant, termite-proof, and above all, environment friendly. Single leaf doors with a variety of shades are available under fusion doors, embossed wood finish doors, plain wood finish doors, and reflections doors You can even opt for a double-leaf door or a fly mesh door with high-quality mesh to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay.

Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are uniquely designed to suit large scale public, industrial and commercial spaces that are likely to be used more frequently and by many people. With our wide range of commercial doors, we cater to establishments like private and public offices, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, retail spaces, hotels and more, across the country. Tata Pravesh offers plain steel finish doors, vision panel doors as well full glass doors to suit the ethos of your commercial space. For ventilation between rooms, we offer louver door. Our range also includes industrial doors like shaft duct doors and Fire Rated doors.
Double Leaf Door by Tata Pravesh

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Can I purchase Tata Pravesh doors online?

How to contact the authorized dealers of Tata Pravesh doors?

For any support or enquiry, you can email us at helpline@tatapravesh.com or give a call on toll free number at 1800-419-9200. You can also check the store locator on the website. Our representative can also visit your house for taking the measurements before placing the order. After the order is placed, the delivery and installation will be taken care of by ourexperts

What features of the door can be customized while making a purchase?

What payment options are available while purchasing a door from Tata Pravesh?

You can pay 100% of the amount at the time of booking your door or can choose to pay an advance amount of 30% while the rest is payable 3 days before the installation. EMI options are also available that can be checked on the Tata Pravesh website.

What do I need to do for the installation of the doors?

What warranties are applicable on my purchase of Tata Pravesh doors?

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