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Tata Pravesh offers service and solutions to both Home Makers and Home Builders

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Tata Pravesh Dealer Testimonial

K.Shakarappa has been associated with Tata for a long time. To grow his business, he trusted Tata Pravesh doors and windows and took a dealership. Let’s have a look at his experience with the customers.

Pramod Kumar is in Tata Steel business since 2020 and he firmly believes in Tata products since they provide customers with value and trust. Here is why…

An unfortunate accident led Rajeev to pursue business. Together, Sudheesh and Rajeev opened an exclusive Tata Pravesh dealer showroom .They are on a mission to achieve a mindset change from wood to steel. Here is their story..

Dr. Satish Andure built his relationship with Tata Pravesh purely out of trust and belief in Pravesh steel doors. He is a regular practitioner and does this business alongside. With his network and strong marketing strategies, he believes he will be able to touch new heights.

Alongside a 30 year old business of brick lanes, Rahul opened his new showroom with Tata Pravesh because he thinks it has a lot of market potential. He has put in a lot of effort into making his shop look attractive . Have a look at his story…

Rachit and his brother, Sumit Desai started out Tata Pravesh’s dealership together. In a place like Gujarat, where the weather is dry and usually hot, people suffer from swollen doors and windows almost every year. The duo opened their store with a belief that Steel doors would help their people. They feel proud to be associated with Tata Pravesh. Ever since they opened their store, they have welcomed customers gracefully and helped the doors reach almost every household of Sola. Listen to their story here…

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