What is the cost of Commercial Doors?

A commercial door is crucial for all operational businesses. From warehouses, storage facilities to retail sales and service- commercial doors are integral as the entrance and exit points to the facility. Hence, one should ensure the quality and durability of commercial doors before investing.

What are Commercial Doors?

As the name suggests, commercial doors are specially fabricated for commercial use. As a result, they are widely used across schools, offices, retail stores, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, and several other areas. Compared to residential ones, doors used for commercial purposes are more robust, resistant to impact force, and durable. In addition, since most of these doors are placed outside, there are specially designed to withstand climate changes or other potential forms of abuse.

Advantages of Commercial Doors:

The usage of commercial doors is widespread due to a lot of factors. The notable ones include:

a) Visually Attractive while being Highly Durable
b) Economical Costing with Warranty backing
c) Seamless Operation with all-weather sturdiness
d) Highly secure

How to Buy Commercial Doors?

It is wise to assess your product requirement before making a purchase properly. There are many options to choose from depending on brands, durability, performance, quality, and pricing. There are also different types of commercial doors based on their function.
Affordable commercial doors are not that hard to obtain. The main challenge is to ensure that the requirements are met perfectly, because a slight deviation would render the entire commercial door redundant. Hence, most business enterprises and organizations buy from companies that deploy the services of professionals skilled in commercial door setup and installation.

Materials Used for Manufacturing Commercial Doors

There are a wide variety of component materials used for manufacturing commercial doors. Each manufacturing component has different properties. A business’s purpose defines the suitable material component for the doors. For example, stainless steel doors can withstand high impact and weather extremities. They can also offer insulation, along with proper upgrades, making them ideal for industrial purposes. On the other hand, sleek aesthetic aluminium doors with glass panels are ideal for office use.

Types of Commercial Doors

The following are some of the commonly available commercial doors:

1. Insulated Doors

Insulated Doors are made up of high-grade, durable materials. Steel (both stainless and galvanized) or composite vinyl panels are popular for insulated doors used for cold storage. Some of the insulated doors are fire-rated. The added insulation layer provides greater temperature control, strength, efficiency, and durability. In addition, insulated doors also effectively reduce noise pollution.

2. Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors have a wide variety of material components to choose from. As a result, they are widely used across several industries as per requirement. Prices for sectional overhead doors vary as per components used, warranty, hardware, and more. Popular options for sectional overhead include aluminium sectional doors and heavy-duty 2” insulated sectional doors.

3. Rolling Service Doors

Rolling service commercial doors are ideal for businesses having limited headroom and adjacent side space. In addition, these doors have a wide variety of pricing flexibility depending upon the installed upgrades. Popular options among upgrades include high-performance insulation, fire rating, wind load/weather protection, and security.

4. High-Speed Overhead Doors

High-speed overhead doors are the ideal solution for businesses focusing on high productivity and efficiency. The door movement is 2x faster compared to other commercial doors. In addition, highly reputed brands often offer guaranteed maintenance-free cycles. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses requiring a high-speed overhead doors to know all about ultra-fast options, performance guarantees, and warranties.

5. Impactable Sectional Overhead Doors

Impactable commercial doors are durable and can easily withstand damage from trucks and forklifts. As such, they are ideal for warehouses and distribution outlets. In addition, an impacts sectional commercial door will sustain the business for years without maintenance or repair.

Commercial Door Cost: Price Charts as Per Size

Building codes for doors indicate both residential and commercial doors must have a minimum height of 80 inches. Also, the standardized thickness is 1-¾” for steel doors. There are, however, commercial overhead doors that may be much taller or thicker, depending upon requirements. There is quite a large range of the prices and we request you to contact us for specific prices of commercial doors. Click Here

Commercial door prices vary as per their size. Common factors that affect their price include manufacturing component material, upgrades, brand value, installation and after-sales maintenance services, and guarantees. The pricing also varies from one manufacturer to other. Therefore, it is logical to check the pricing charts before going out to buy commercial steel doors for your business.