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Different Types of Windows for Home in India – Tata Pravesh

Types of House Windows to Choose From

Have you made up your mind to change your old windows and add new types of house windows? Or, are you decorating your new home and are in search of the best window designs to add to the space? If yes, then bravo! Transforming and embracing new changes are a great way to bring positive energy to your life. In this blog, we will guide you through to the most suitable window design among all the types of windows for home. So let us jump straight into the designs without any further delay. Here are the ten types of house windows for you:

Skylight Windows

Who does not like enjoying the sight of a peeping moon from the window on a starry full moon night? How about letting the moon stare at you directly by adding a skylight window on the roof of your house? This window will also enable excess sunlight to enter your room and make your room look equally beautiful throughout the day.  

Bay Windows

If you wish to enjoy a panoramic view from your window, then the bay types of house windows design are perfect for you. It considerably makes your room look spacious too due to the open-angle, along with giving it a classy appearance. You also get the option to decide if you want a blocked window or an opening window with this bay window design.

Slider Windows

Be it your home or office; the slider windows are the most common type of windows now. They look chic, are easy to use and assemble and need very little maintenance, along with having a very affordable range. You get options for the number of sliders depending on the length of your window, too, viz., two panels, and three-panel sliders.

Picture Window

If you are blessed to live in a picturesque skyscraper, the picture window design is the ideal choice. Enjoy the skyline and the floating clouds sitting on your drawing room’s sofa without any hindrance. The picture window will let you see the world around your home without interruption and make the area look very spacious.

Deadlite Windows

The Deadlite windows are one of the most popular window designs worldwide, beautifying malls and skyscrapers. Though made of glass, you cannot open them for ventilation as they are dead fixed to their panels. But they let natural light fill your space and look highly aesthetic from the outside and from the inside as well.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are versatile for home, whether for a rustic theme or a modernist one. It can be used in tiny places and simultaneously in large rooms along with other window types to create a statement look. This window is a must-have if you hate blocking windows that block space.

Single Hung Windows

The single hung windows are the conclusion for all those spaces and rooms which are very small to have a proper window. People prefer it mainly for their bathrooms and storerooms as they do not block the natural light. However, nowadays, you can easily spot big-size single hung windows in chic apartments too.

Double Hung Windows

While the single hung windows have one slash, the double-hung windows come with two stashes, making them more in demand. These windows are prevalent in the USA and the UK as they occupy less space and keep the room well-ventilated. You can install such a window in your kitchen, bathroom, and home-office room or even in your kid’s bedroom or guest’s room.

Casement Windows

The Casement window designs are like the double-hung windows, differing only in the horizontal opening instead of vertical. They look best on small walls and are an aesthetic choice if you are willing to add a window to your door. People living in countryside houses prefer these types of windows for home to make way for excess sunlight through the door.

Glass Block Windows

The Glass Block Windows are the ones you need for your home to keep your annoying neighbours from intruding on your privacy. They are made of translucent glass and serve the purpose of a window without letting outsiders peep inside. We hope you liked this list of types of house windows we curated, intending to make your dream house look elegant. All the types of windows for home you got to know about in the above list are widely loved. We are sure that they would glorify your humble abode too.