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6 Tips for Home Doors & Windows Maintenance | Tata Pravesh

Tips & Tricks for maintaining Home Doors and Windows

We put a lot of thought into installing doors and windows, yet somehow, we lack in maintaining our home doors and windows after installation. Due to lack of maintenance, the life of doors and windows decrease. Here are a few easy ways of windows & door maintenance that will help you preserve the ones that protect you.

Be alert

Whenever you pass through your door or open your window, try to notice if they squeak or if the hardware is loosening. In this way, you will be aware of the condition your home doors and windows are in. If you keep an eye on your products, it will save you from hefty costs in repairing. Additionally, it will save you from any possible break-ins.

Hardware maintenance

The windows and main entrance door are used the most in any typical household. Unfortunately, these are the ones most prone to damage due to wear and tear. Keep a check on the hinges and handle to make sure they are in good condition. For basic door maintenance, all you will need is a screwdriver or a range and tighten it to make sure they are in place. To avoid mechanical wear and tear, use some lubricant every two months.

Replacement of hardware

It is better to check and replace the hardware instead of going for the entire door or window. If you try to save small on the accessories of home doors and windows, it may bite you back by cutting a hole in your pocket if the door or window collapses entirely. In the case of garage doors, you need to change the rollers once in 5-7 years to make the movement manageable. It generally lasts longer than that, but to be on the safe side of the budget. You should replace it while on the verge of dying and not after it is dead.

Check for cracks

This is not something you have to do regularly, but you must check for cracks in home doors and windows once every six months. The cracks may vary depending on the material; you can ignore minor dents. But it would be best if you did not ignore wide cracks as they lower the door’s integrity. Cracks are generally the result of walloping the door receives from various objects or even from humans in their course of usage. They are pretty standard, but if ignored, it will cost you a ton for door maintenance.


Steel doors require a coat of paint every 3-5 years, depending upon the quality. Painting keeps the door rust-proof. It also offers protection of home doors and windows against dampness, humidity, dust, and in some cases, harmful UV rays. Even if you have a wooden door, you should paint it occasionally as it acts as a weather protectant for wooden doors. Furthermore, you can paint your door if you renovate your house or go for a different vibe.

Locks replacement

You may think there is no requirement of replacing the lock once the home doors and windows are installed. But, along with the door and windows, the locks are also exposed to wear, tear, and rust. You should seek professional aid to understand if your lock is suited to today’s lifestyle. Using an old-style lock is not preferable due to security reasons. But, again, you don’t need to upgrade every time a new lock surfaces on the market. You have to find a balance so that you and your family are safe from the threats of the world.


It is a daily routine to clean out the house because dust and debris enter daily, but we often forget to clear the dust passageway. Door & windows maintenance also includes cleaning the door and windows to avoid the accumulation of debris and dust. Accumulation of dust on doors is also not aesthetically pleasing, especially for light-colored doors. Therefore, dark-toned doors need to be cleaned less frequently as compared to light-colored ones. The tips and tricks for windows & door maintenance mentioned here require minimal workforce and resources. Anyone from the household itself can implement them. But don’t try to fix any grave issues by yourself. You should seek professional help as and when required. However, don’t try to go for jobs beyond your understanding and expertise, as they will negatively affect your home doors and windows in the future.