A door is just a door, and what is all the fuss about picking the right modern home door? For starters, it should be durable, aesthetically pleasing, thermal-efficient, and secure, and the price should be correct. In short, the designs of doors should have the best material, efficient manufacturing process, and customizability.

Should you randomly pick a steel door to improve durability? What features constitute a reliable modern home door? Take some time to analyse every aspect before investing in specific designs of doors.


There are several elements that people consider while positioning a door. Is it closer to water? Will it be exposed to sunlight all day long? Is the door enclosing a fire-prone area like the kitchen, generator room, and so on? Once you have decided on the location, now is the time to think about features affecting that modern home door. Based on these, the material and the designs of doors should differ.

A moisture-resistance door is the best fit for your bathrooms. Choose fire resistance materials for the kitchen, the room with valuables, the prayer room, and so on. Moreover, if the door is for a small space, you can also prefer a customised house design door.


A steel door makes a lot of sense as it is fire resistant, termite resistant, durable, and more secure. However, having steel doors in a home is not a good look if it is of a simple steel finish. Therefore, you can prefer brands like Tata Pravesh. They have steel doors with a wooden finish.

Thus, you can have an embossed wood look, reflection doors, and more without sidestepping the goodness of a steel door. Another advantage of a steel-based modern home doors is that it is environment-friendly.

colour and styles

Choose brands that have different styles and designs of doors. Yes, doors are usually brown; however, there are several shades of brown, wood-finish touch, and more. If you pick steel doors, there are a multitude of shades. There are single and double-leaf doors too.

Some major brands also offer designs on the door. When planning a theme for your home, always pick designed doors. While doing so, choose a sturdy house design door so that the design and the door would be durable.

Why is the colour that important? The house design door should complement the other elements of the room. You might not be spending time or effort on interior decoration. But, an odd-coloured door would disturb the look. colours do have a psychological effect too.

White adds more brightness to your room. Shades of brown give warmth. A black modern home door gives elegance; orange offers optimistic energy, and so on. But, of course, there is a personal factor to the colour too.

We understand colour is not going to be a deal-breaker for you. However, you should not be restricted to choosing from just a couple of shades while picking your house design door. So, pick brands with a good collection of options.


There aren’t many accessories to add to a modern home door. However, ensure the door can allow peepholes, a lever lock system, a secondary lock, a fly mesh shutter etc.

Well-recognised brand

The term ‘well-recognised’ does not mean the one with a large number of ads in the media. It is better to prefer door designs from brands approved by government bodies, regulatory agencies, and more.

Tata Pravesh has won the CII award for design excellence, Golden Peacock Award 2016 for the innovative product, and more. Moreover, the brand also has several certifications and approvals from the government. Do you know that NTL and CBRI test all Tata Pravesh’s designs of doors?


Does your door vendor offer a warranty for his product? It is not common to ask guarantee for a door. However, it is supposed to stand with the house for several decades. So pick the designs of doors with at least five years of warranty.

In addition, the maintenance factor is also essential when picking designs of doors. It should have high resistance to wear-and-tear, weather-proof, fire resistance, termite resistance, and more.

In conclusion, pick the right house design door to suit your home’s look, location, and style. For that buying a Tata Pravesh steel door is the way to go.

It might take considerable time to choose the right modern home door. Or, you can reduce the burden and blindly pick Tata Pravesh.