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Changing the perspective of the world with Tata Pravesh Windows
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There is a popular saying ‘never hesitate to open new windows in your life’. Windows are often our personal getaway from the world. Every day when you open a window, you welcome a new day filled with new hopes and new opportunities. At the end of a tiring day, we often find ourselves simply sitting by the window with a cup of tea or coffee and reminiscing the day that went past or visioning the next day.

Windows are an integral part of every home, no matter how big or small the home is. A home without a window would be incomplete. Vaastu Shastra says that door and window positions are extremely vital for a home and the health and well-being of its residents as they not only provide an avenue for the passage of air, energy and light into your house but also provide protection against the negative energies. Therefore, it becomes paramount that they are placed in the right positions for the flow and circulation of positive vibes and for creating a feeling of happiness and contentment within the family. Further, it also suggests that the numbers of windows in a home should always be in even numbers, i.e. 2,4,6. Ideally doors and windows should be placed opposite to each other so that both the positive and negative cycles are completed. This is done to enable the proper flow of air thus facilitating cross-ventilation between rooms. Moreover, it also allows for the adequate transmission of light from room to room as well. Lastly, all the windows in your house should ideally be of uniform and consistent shape while also being proportionate in height and size as well.

Tata Pravesh now brings steel windows with wooden finish, thereby making them an ideal combination of looks and functionality. They provide highest security with maximum beauty. Each window is made from the highest grade steel which comes with the trust of Tata Steel. The windows have a steel casement along with a vision glass and are given a wooden finish. Tata Pravesh offers a range of window options to suit every home, budget, and choice.

The Oyster Range windows are hinged and are opened or closed by swinging in or out. The casement locks are hook-shaped and embedded within the frame, which makes them unbreakable. They come in two variants: Base variant and Mesh variant.

The Canvas range are sliding steel windows which would amplify the beauty of your home They are easy to maintain durable and can be easily installed.

The wide array of styles is both affordable and energy efficient at the same time. They are also weather-proof, termite resistant and fire resistant, making your home secure in every way possible.