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Steel door vs Wooden door buying guide – Tata Pravesh

Steel door vs Wooden door buying guide

What are steel doors?

Steel doors are one of the finest external doors for houses, factories, industries and offices. Sturdy and secure, steel doors are widely used as protective doors in various structures and buildings. Some might say steel doors might not be as aesthetically pleasing as their wooden and fibre counterparts, but that is a thing of the past as we have fabulous designs available in the market nowadays. Steel doors serve a variety of purposes. They are fire-resistant, weatherproof, rustproof and anti-manipulative. Above all, steel doors are cost-effective and durable. They are the perfect barriers between the internal and external environments. Essentially, these steel doors came into being to provide an extra edge of security to your buildings and structures.

What are wooden doors?

If you are an interior décor enthusiast, then wooden doors are your thing. Made out of solid wood or plywood frame and panel construction, these wooden doors come in endless looks, finish and designs. Howsoever traditional wooden doors might sound, they are the ultimate choice of any premium household. Usually considered internal doors, wooden doors can provide both looks and security to your house. However, wooden doors do little to safeguard your home from external threats. Easy to manipulate and break into, wooden doors do not make for the best external doors.

Difference between steel and wooden doors

Both steel doors and wooden doors serve their respective purposes in our buildings with regard to their respective utilities. Where steel doors are primarily used in commercial buildings and structures, wooden doors are preferably used in residential buildings. But contrary to this, steel doors are also being used in residential buildings nowadays. Here is a comparative analysis of steel doors vs wooden doors. A steel door consists of polyurethane or a polystyrene core, with a coat of steel skin on top. It further consists of wooden panels running along the perimeter to mask the polyurethane core. A steel door made of solid steel would be too heavy and might come off the hinges. However, a steel door will be great in regulating heat in your building. The core in the steel door acts as a thermal barrier to unwanted heat or cold. On the other hand, a wooden door is usually made of a solid wood block, a hollow-core door or a solid core door. A hollow core door consists of a honeycomb cardboard core on top of which wood fibre ply is applied. They are exceptionally light and tend to be easily damaged. A solid core door consists of a core made of engineered wood on top of which wood veneer is applied. These wooden doors are comparatively sturdy and have an extended utility period. Then there is the matter of cost when one compares the steel door price against a wooden door price. Several factors come in to play there as well, which we are going to discuss below.

Tips for selecting steel and wooden doors

The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing a door is the build and cut of the door. If you are going for a traditional build and cut, you can consider steel doors. However, if you want something fancy, it is better to opt for wooden doors as they are easy to carve and shape into a particular design. Secondly, if weatherproofing is your primary concern, go for a steel door. The benefit of steel door surpasses wooden doors in a plethora of ways. But if looks are of significant concern to you, you should opt for wooden doors. With steel doors, you can have only a few options for aesthetics. Thirdly, if you are looking at utility and durability, steel doors stay unharmed when it comes to termites and rotting. But wooden doors are subject to termites and rotting. Steel doors are also soundproof and ensure privacy which is somewhat compromised in the case of wooden doors. Last but not least, your steel door comes with a definite resale value. It might not be easy to sell a wooden door, but selling a steel door is easy. In addition, steel doors are recyclable, whereas wooden doors do not have many recycling options.

How steel doors are cost-effective as compared to wooden doors

Steel doors are comparatively more cost-effective when considering the weatherproof nature and longer utility periods. Steel doors are easy to install and come in various sizes. Moreover, they are weatherproof and have a good fire rating, which provides additional security. Steel doors do not rust or warp, reducing the cost of maintenance. On the other hand, wooden doors demand a fair share of maintenance. They warp without proper maintenance and are not immune to harsh weather conditions. Wooden doors are not immune to fires and are costly compared to steel doors when one looks at the years of service they provide. Though wooden doors give a regal and natural touch to your residence, yet the cost of procuring and building one might not be budget-friendly for all. On the flip side, steel doors are industrially manufactured in bulk, making them readily available and budget-friendly that way. Therefore steel door price is comparatively lower than a wooden door price when one considers all factors.