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Revolutionizing the doors of today for a secure tomorrow
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Tata Pravesh Doors revolutionized a new technology in door making with its range of steel doors that combine the elegance of wood and the strength of steel. It assures of quality brought to the consumers by Tata Steel.

Good quality wood for wooden doors is expensive and need to be treated for termite attacks and preservation. Steel doors on the other hand are readymade and easily available. However, existing metal doors are heavy, weather affects causing them to rust and become creaky in the long run.

Tata Pravesh Doors are weather proof and do not rust, they are termite proof, lightweight and offers a wide range of sizes, colors and embossed designs or plain wood finish giving it a natural wooden look. They provide functional superiority of steel and aesthetic value of wood. As compared to wooden doors, Tata Pravesh Doors are almost maintenance free and hassle free and do not need to be treated for pesticides. They do not get easily dented or cracked. There are fire resistant ensuring security and safety. Tata Pravesh Doors do not age and wear out with the passage of time. Factory-engineered to perfection, every product is uniform in quality and finish. Easy and quick installation process further adds to the popularity of Tata Pravesh Doors.

Tata Pravesh Doors are recyclable, environment friendly and offer complete peace of mind to its users in terms of price, quality, durability and security. Tata Pravesh Doors is yet another endeavour of the Tata Group to provide value-added steel solutions to individual house builders in semi-urban and rural markets.