Choosing a residential door design can give you a headache, but now you need not worry. Here at TataPravesh, we will guide you on how to buy a residential door. Primarily, the door must fulfil the intended purpose. Hence, the most common expectations are: it should ensure desired privacy, safety, and security, and it must have a pleasing aesthetic appearance. To achieve this and much more, follow the below-mentioned points.

Firstly, decide the location of the door:

The location of the door often is the deciding factor on what amount of money you are willing to invest. In general, the main entry door is the most expensive one. Now, let us look at the different location options for the residential door:

  • Residential interior door:

    The best and most commonly used residential interior doors are flush or panelled doors in wooden material. Solid wooden doors are the best sound-insulating doors you can choose for your home’s interior. They have a warm, natural appearance and are available in a range of wood types to match your existing furniture. But, if you are looking for cheaper options, you can also opt for PVC doors.

  • Main entry door

    Selecting the main entry door can be very confusing. It has to be appealing and should match the space you have for the entrance. A modern entrance door is best when you couple it with the design and architecture of your house. Depending on the requirement and budget, you can choose from fibreglass, panelled, or steel doors. In Jharkhand, decorative entrance doors give off have a very pleasing aesthetic appearance. 

Then decide on the material of the door:

Material is the next most important thing to choose. The selection of the material for your modern entrance doors and (or) residential interior doors depends upon the desired level of privacy, budget, and architectural style of the house in which you wish to live. For example: if your concern is strength, privacy, and durability, then go for steel doors. Some widely preferred house doors in Jharkhand are made of the below-mentioned materials:

  • Wooden doors:

    Residential interior doors are generally wooden because we have used them traditionally, and it is a natural material. There are several variants for a wooden door, like flushed, panelled, glazed, and French. They are also best suited for traditional as well as craftsman-style architecture houses.

  • Residential steel doors:

    Residential steel doors are not prone to cracking, bending, or rust. Steel doors have insulating capabilities, which can help you save money on heating and cooling. In addition, they come in a variety of fire-resistance ratings. Steel doors are easy to fix compared to wooden ones and don’t need to be changed frequently. There are many advantages of steel doors, and with increasing awareness, the demand for these doors is also booming.

  • PVC Doors:

    PVC Doors have the lowest environmental effect. They are manufactured using recyclable components. The lifespan of uPVC doors is 40 to 80 years, which makes it nearly a lifelong investment. They have thermal insulators that require low maintenance, making them perfect to use as a residential door. PVC doors are moisture-resistant and will not get discoloured over time. Bathrooms are often humid; therefore, they work particularly well in bathrooms that lack adequate ventilation.

And finally, decide on the operation of the Door Shutter

Now the last part is to decide about the door shutter. It is easy as it depends upon the area, requirement, and need. You can go for folding Doors, sliding doors, or pivot doors. These days pivot doors are widely used in contemporary houses.

House doors in Jharkhand

The requirement of residential doors in Jharkhand varies from place to place. You will find plywood, flush, panelled, sliding, and steel doors commonly in the residential areas. Due to security reasons, some have upgraded their decorative entrance doors to steel doors. But one can say that the market still needs a diverse range of products, and sometimes design factors may surpass the essential requirement of strength and durability.

The above suggestions must have given you the idea of how to choose the best residential door design for your house. For any further requirements, guidance, or assistance, you can contact our experts, who will help you find the best door for your home.