Modern Tata Pravesh Windows Features & Prices

Tata Pravesh aims to provide you with the best Tata Pravesh windows and doors in your budget, along with the unique designs possible. Tata Pravesh has come up with an amalgamation of the strength and durability of steel and the mesmerizing looks of wood, so you do not have to settle for anything less. 

Tata Pravesh windows are naturally fire-resistant, termite resistant and require negligible maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the Tata Pravesh sliding windows expanding and contracting with every changing season. They are immune to the warp of season change. The windows can easily tolerate sunlight, air and humidity, and thus, they can be effortlessly installed on your house exteriors. 

You will get an extended warranty of 5 years on purchasing Tata Pravesh windows, allowing you to sit back and relax. Moreover, if you face any problem with your window, you can dial customer service and have prompt maintenance from the company.
Tata Pravesh is keenly inclined towards nature, and thus, all products manufactured under Tata Pravesh are environment friendly. So, you get value for your money, longevity, sustainability and durability in hand.

Features of Tata Pravesh windows

All Tata Pravesh windows are installed with float glass. This type of glass helps to get an undisturbed view as the surface is evenly smoothed out. Since most windows may get scratched easily, Tata Pravesh aluminium windows use float glass which is immune to scratches.
The hinges are constructed of stainless steel so that Tata Pravesh windows become more durable and reliable to use. Furthermore, brass handles add durability, along with style.
Heavy-duty hanging rollers and tower bolts with stainless steel are also present in Tata Pravesh steel windows to add longevity to the windows.
You can add items like steel safety grills depending on your surroundings. Retractable mosquito nets are also available if you want to install them.

Tata Pravesh windows price

The general idea of Tata Pravesh windows being costly is a myth. It might be a little tight on your pocket while purchasing; however, when you look at the long run of the Tata Pravesh windows added with the no-maintenance-required policy, it will be worth every penny.
The Tata Pravesh windows price is quite competitive when looking at per square foot cost. So getting a robust, secure and durable material at this price point is quite a wonder. Moreover, the windows are made from world-renowned Tata Steel. Thus the Tata steel windows price is undoubtedly a bargain if you consider it carefully.

Types of Tata Pravesh windows

You will get a wide range in the Tata Pravesh windows segment. All of them are listed below.

Oyster windows:

Tata Pravesh oyster window is a great available option if you are looking for windows for home. It consists of a steel casement with float vision glass. You can add in a safety grill and mosquito net as additional security, depending on your locality. Tata Pravesh oyster window comes in 11 different shades, so you can beautify your home as you desire. The coral variant comes in 4 different shades.

Canvas windows:

The windows included in this category are Tata Pravesh sliding windows. Do not mistake them with ordinary sliding windows as these are of superior build and quality. The aluminium sheets used in Tata Pravesh sliding windows are thicker than the ordinary ones and are made of 6063 T5/T6 Grade virgin metal. Virgin metal signifies non-recycled metal known for its superior quality. 

Vista windows

Tata Pravesh has introduced a new kind of window under vista windows. In this category, you will get both sliding and swinging features. It offers up to 95 per cent visibility and does not come in the way of your view. Moreover, these Tata Pravesh windows are easy to clean, and water does not accumulate in the gaps, increasing their durability and life manifold. One can also decorate Vista windows with a wooden finish, and you can purchase retractable mosquito nets if necessary.

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