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Tata Pravesh Doors: Make your Safe Home More Safer!
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People take a lot of pride in the appearance and beauty of their houses. It is an integral part of life and is an external factor portraying how well we thrive in our lives. A happy home is one with beautiful interiors and strong exteriors. Doors are an integral part of houses. They restrict unwanted entry; provide privacy, safety and security to families. Intricately designed wooden doors add to the aesthetics of a house and thereby creates the first impression.

Wooden doors require a lot of pre-planning before they actually get installed. The carpenters or manufacturers need to be intimated; design need to be finalized, measurements taken, and then a select payment procedure may be applicable with each phase of making the door. The wood for the door are treated, dried, worked upon and finally joined together. The consumers wait for a considerable period of time before they see a door as per their choice. The process complicates if the design thus curved mismatches the consumers’ design and desire.

Tata Steel brings to the consumers a range of new unique doors with the brand name “Tata Pravesh” Doors. Tata Pravesh Doors are steel doors with a natural wooden finish. These doors combine the strength of steel with the elegance of wood. They provide a range of embossed designs, plain wood finish, flymesh doors or simple steel finish doors for varied applications in homes.

Tata Pravesh Doors, as compared to wooden doors are more durable and secure, termite proof, fire resistant and don’t need to be treated with pesticides. They are readymade and can be easily installed and saves time and cost. They have a higher resale value with the added advantage of being recyclable and environment friendly. Tata Pravesh Doors have thus revolutionized and brought in a new technology for doors to our homes.