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How to select the right door for your home | Tata Pravesh

How to Choose the Right Door for your Home

Doors are an integral part of every household. Apart from providing security and protection, they also need to add up to the house’s aesthetics. The door should not stand out from the rest of the vibe. The best door for home is the one that complements and enhances the essence you are going for. Tata Pravesh doors will help you fulfil any look you find fit. Understandably, dream houses are built of money, sweat, and determination to get the best of all. At first, it may seem a staggering job to pull off. But with these tips in mind, it will be a piece of cake for you to buy a door which is best suited to you.

Pick out the style:

You must concentrate the entire aura of your house on a thought or style you are going for; it may be the main entrance door, bedroom door, basement door or the door of the garage. Therefore, while buying the best door for home, you should pay attention to the room in which you want to install it. If the room is small, a heavily beautified door is not the one you should pick out. If the flooring material is too dense, go for a more straightforward door. Tata Pravesh has a stunning range of doors to buy from, where you will get everything to suit your style.

What direction do you want the door to swing?

Numerous people ignore the most vital aspect before going to buy door of their dreams. The swinging of the door will determine the direction of the hinges. Therefore, it would be best if you chose the direction in which you are most comfortable. The bedroom doors generally swing inwards, just as the main door does. If you have two rooms interconnected with a door, you have to decide which room the door should swing out of to prevent confusion during installation. Tata Pravesh doors have a massive collection of doors that will comfort you with installing them in any part of your home.

Material selection:

Another primary step of choosing the best door for a home is its material selection. Before getting started, you should keep in mind your needs. Getting a steel door will give you maximum protection, durability, and unmatched design. Tata Pravesh doors are termite-proof, fire-resistant, weather-proof, and maintenance-free, which means you must invest once and forget all about it entirely. If you wish to buy door with the look of wood, you can go for the wood finish Tata Pravesh doors. Steel doors will give you the look and durability all at once. You can also achieve a classy look with these doors; you must find the right fit.

Door casings:

Not many people pay attention to the casings, but if you have an eye for detail, this aspect might be crucial for you. It would help if you did not go overboard with the casings, or you may mess things up. If your door is big and simple, go with an intricately detailed casing. However, if it has prints and other extravagances, then go for a simple casing to focus all the attention towards the door, making it the best door for home.  The thick casings and minimalistic-look doors complement tall ceilings.


The last and most crucial detail when you go to buy door is its colour. Few people like the traditional brown wood finish doors to make the house look warm and ethnic, but you can go with bold prints if you want something out of the box. You can also make your door exceptional by painting it with a pop of colours. Tata Pravesh doors have a Natura series of designer doors that gives you trustworthy steel doors blended in with an artistic touch to bring it out of the blues. On the other hand, if you want a transitional look with contemporary styles, you can check out the steel finish doors. They will throw all the attention to your room and interior decoration. Hence, they will not steal their thunder. After reading this article, you will not find choosing the right door for your home the most troublesome job in the world. Instead, buying the best door for home can be summed up into five simple steps. In the end, you will be able to narrow down your options, and you will know precisely what you are searching for.