When most brands say design doors, they mean the same door in two or three colours. In other cases, limited options of designs mixed-and-matched to make tens of options. Yes, home doors are usually a shade of brown and made of wood. What can you do more than that for an interior door?

There might have been just a handful of options for your parents. But, today, you can customise the home doors based on the material, lamination, colour, style, and more. You need not make a statement with an interior door design. However, you can create a unique look by choosing creative home doors.


The most common material for home doors is wood. There are several advantages to a wood-based material. However, there is also steel. A decade ago, steel home doors might look like a version of a jail entrance.

Today, you can find modern design doors made with steel. Steel increases the lifespan of the product and reduces maintenance headaches. In addition, maintenance cost is low as it is fire-resistant, termite-resistant, and more immune to wear and tear.

Beyond steel, you can find glass doors that offer complete visibility. People who prefer to get as much sunlight as possible into their home can choose glass home doors. Yes, glass doors are more common in commercial structures, but you can think out-of-the-box.

Beyond that, you can find laminate, lacquer, UPVC, and more. However, because there is a new material for home doors on the market, it does not guarantee quality. In addition, some materials are for a low-cost option, which does not offer durability or security.

What is the point in going creative if it is not of good quality? So do not try to trade off quality against creative options. First, pick a quality interior door design; then, you can devise your ingenious ideas.

Types of doors

Home doors are commonly single-leaf or double-leaf. Beyond that, you can see folding, sliding, French, and more. Of course, each style comes with its advantages. However, a traditional Indian home uses single-leaf for small rooms and double-leaf for the front door.

The types of design doors also include special features. The most common option now in the market is the fire-rated home doors. As the name indicates, it offers a few hours of resistance to fire, enabling easy and safe evacuation. On the other hand, you can find termite resistance, moisture resistance, and more.

Remember not to take the words of the seller for these characteristics. For every feature, check whether the interior door has undergone testing by regulatory bodies. Any brand can say anything as a marketing strategy. And, in turn, you shouldn’t rely on those empty words.


The most common accessories to home doors are peepholes, handles, laminate covers, vision panels, fly mesh doors, door stoppers, etc. Although not a primary criterion, such accessories can give a unique look. And in some cases, it also adds to comfort and security.

Luxury finishes

In most cases, rough materials make the best home doors. But we cannot just overlook aesthetic factors for security. How about adding both into your budget? You can choose rugged steel doors with interior door design options like wood finishes, grain-touch, embossed look, and more.


Brown is the only option for wood home doors or wood-finish interior door design options. However, there are several shades of brown like trunk mahogany, sun teak, lava teak, and more. Likewise, if you pick steel-finish doors or other materials, you can find several shades besides the obvious ones mentioned above to suit your home theme.

Fusion doors

Some brands offer a new interior door design called fusion doors. This model provides a combination of multiple RAL shades to create unique designs. Choose a background and design colour for your door for creative output.

Fusion doors allow a multitude of options. For instance, you can combine a purple door with brown designs or other textures. In addition, you can find the perfect home doors for any theme or style you have in mind for your home.

While picking an interior door design under the fusion option, do not just look at the colours and designs. Instead, please double-check whether the quality is up to the expectation. Moreover, those designs should not restrict any accessory usage.

Design doors are essential, and it is vital to put your creativity into your home’s design. Picking the best home doors with a sufficient dose of creativity is thus downright crucial. So, do spend some time learning the trending options for home doors.

It would benefit if you did not spend money on an out-of-fashion interior door design. Before shopping, look for options, talk to premium interior door brands, and check what is available. Or you can visit tatapravesh.com and get all your concerns taken care of in one place.