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Choosing the right window is essential to suit the architectural style of your home. And to match your home’s aesthetics, Tata Pravesh offers a wide range of designer windows for your home. Let’s delve into the different options :

The three main window designs offered are :

• Steel Casement Windows • Sliding Aluminium Windows • Swing and Slide Windows While casement windows and Swing and Slide Windows are made of steel, sliding windows are made from virgin aluminium. Sliding windows have their own benefits as they are generally taller and wider and allow ample light to brighten the house. The crisp and clean designs of slider windows are perfect for compact spaces and for egress requirements. Few of the advantages of having sliding windows are:

Provide unobstructed view

: Sliding windows provide a clearer and natural view of the outside world as they open side-to-side. Also they allow more natural light and greater ventilation as compared to any other window designs.


Easily operable

: Sliding windows are well known for their ease of operation. They can be opened with just a push of the finger if they are well maintained.


More Energy Efficient

: As the sliding windows lack complicated moving parts they can effectively block the infiltration of outside air. These windows can last for many years without any defects.


Reasons to Choose Tata Pravesh Sliding aluminium Windows-

High Durability:

Tata Pravesh Sliding aluminium windows are made of superior quality aluminium compared to any other aluminium windows. These windows are designed to withstand wind pressures even at higher altitudes. The 5mm toughened glass with the metal profile provides immense durability and strength to the windows.

Prevents Leakage:

The window is surrounded with high grade rubber gaskets that prevent leakage and also provide better thermal insulation.

Perfect Finish :

These windows are perfectly finishedwith a powder coating of 60-80 micron and superior fabrication. There are a wide range of colour options available that would provide your windows the perfect wood finish or attractive non-wood finishes.

Low Maintenance and Free Installation:

Tata Pravesh Windows are easy to clean and low on maintenance.They are competitively priced and come with installation and delivery (T&C apply). Tata Pravesh Windows include 5 year warranty on any manufacturing defect and 1 year defect on any accessories.