Designer front doors are the ultimate style statement for homeowners in Kolkata. Entrance doors and doors for homes come in different styles and materials. For a city like Kolkata, adorned with culture, history, and diversity, choosing the right main entrance door can drastically transform the look and feel of your home and give off the cultural Kolkata vibe.  Several designer front doors are available in Kolkata. However, Kolkata is known for its beauty and its hospitality. Thus, it is essential to choose doors for home that looks lavish yet welcoming to your guests.

Entrance doors add superiority to the charm of your home. If you live in a metro like Kolkata, you should select doors for home that will blend in with its culture.

1. Consider your locality 

Before choosing the main entrance door for your home, take a good look at your locality. Then, consider your choices if you want to blend in or stand out. Finally, do your research about the locality to see if it is relatively safe or if caution is necessary. 

A steel door in Kolkata is one of the best doors for home where caution needs to be taken. They come in a variety of designs and textures. They can easily blend in with the other locality houses and are easy to install. 

Steel door price in Kolkata comes with a range of budgets, and you can easily select something that fits your pocket.

2. The weather

Traditional wooden doors are a trademark of homes in Kolkata. Yet Kolkata experiences a wet and tropical climate. Additionally, it experiences high temperatures in summer. Therefore, doors in West Bengal will warp and jam under such conditions. They might also experience cracks and fissures due to fluctuating weather conditions. 

Therefore, a steel door in Kolkata is always one of the best doors for home. They are weather-resistant and do not rust. Moreover, they cannot be destroyed by fire or compromised easily by force, which gives you ultimate safety from intruders.

3. Cultural appeal

Despite all the modernity of the era, culture still plays a key role in the lives of the people of Kolkata. Culture is deep-rooted in its food, clothing, houses, fixtures, and furniture. So, if you are one of those who love to adhere to your culture, consider designer front doors for the main entrance door. 

Doors in West Bengal were traditionally made up of bamboo, hay, and wood. If your house has a cottage-style look, consider using uPVC and PVC doors in various designs and textures. You can also use framed steel doors with a wooden look for the main entrance doors. 

4. Position of the door

You can select the best doors for home, depending on the location of the door in the home. Garage doors and backyard doors should be made of solid steel. Steel doors for home in Kolkata are available in various designs and sizes that can satisfy such purposes. 

Inner partitions and interior doors can be sliding or transparent, depending on the level of privacy preferred by the residents. Designer front doors are the best pick for people with a particular choice and image-conscious nature. 

In the case of bathroom doors, self-closing PVC framed doors are the way to go. They are opaque and light and provide optimum utility.

5. The Decorative fixtures

Decorative fixtures such as door stoppers, door closers, and latches might be small and insignificant but play a vital role in defining the look of the main entrance door. Choose decorative and polished door handles for your entrance door. You can also attach a decorative latch and lock for your main entrance door. 

For interior doors, make sure your latches are not too heavy but light for ease of use. You can also attach automatic door closers for rooms in need of privacy. 

Additionally, make sure that your door stoppers are safe to use. They must be made of safe materials that should not harm your floor surface. Ensure they are safe for pets and kids and can not physically harm them. 

Consequently, make sure that you consider all these aspects before choosing doors for your home in Kolkata. Then, as long as the style is in accordance with the rest of your house, you are good to flaunt it before the world. Your main entrance door is the charm of your house. So, a one-time investment in it would be worth the cost. Make sure you chose the right source for your pick.

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