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Choose the Most Stunning and Robust Doors for Your Home With Tata Pravesh
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Doors make a vital part of your home interiors and exterior as they leave an impression on the visitor’s mind both while entering the house and leaving. With stunning designs, one must make sure the selected door is sturdy enough to protect the space from natural calamities like wind, rains, fire and man-made hazards like theft, robbery, intrusions. While your home/office’s entire look relies on the door, why to settle for an ordinary door when you can create a long-lasting impact with a magnificent one?

Choosing a door is easier said than done. It could be easier to choose matching upholstery and curtains and even those tiny pieces that go on your bed-side table but choosing a door..?

This part is trickier. One must go through a long checklist to make the right decision about the doors. The doors of the home should complement the look and design of exterior and interior of your home or commercial space; it should be made of a material that can sustain for a long time against various natural conditions, a door with glass or without, cool colours or warm colours, and the list goes on.

We will not tell you which type of door you should opt for, as you must have already pictured it in your mind. Tata Pravesh provides you with a stunning range of doors to choose from, which will perfectly fit your need and make your home standout whilst promising utmost security.

Let’s have a look at the unique range of Tata Pravesh doors.

1.Embossed Wood Finish

–This Embossed Wood Finish door comes with intricate wood grain finish that protects you against disadvantages of wood. It comes with an optional secondary lock system, prohibits insects from entering your space and make a great choice for external use.


2.Plain Wood Finish

– his door with the alluring plain wood finish is available in four shades. The design complements both exteriors and interiors of the space. The shutter thickness of 46mm/30mm offers security from insects and other hazards and makes it the right choice for home doors.


3.Plain Steel Finish

Plain Steel Finish are available in 11 shades and suit both external and interior space.



– Want to make your home standout? opt for these Unique Wood Finish doors from Tata Pravesh doors to give your interiors a rich feel with the look of finest woods both in classic and contemporary designs. The premium and aesthetic accessories that come along with it, make this door nothing less than a masterpiece.


5.Double leaf

double leaf doors are the best choice for external use and are available in both embossed and plain wood finish.



– Magnificent range of affordable doors that combine strength of steel with aesthetics of HPL sheet. Choose from an array of colours, textures and patterns of HPL sheet to elevate your home decor.



– The louver doors for home and commercial space allow the free flow of air even with the door is closed through the panels on the lower portion of the door.


8.Full glass

– The glass doors allow required transparency and light in the room. Such doors are ideal for commercial spaces.


Tata Pravesh doors are loaded with tons of more features that will make your home look better and safer. Not just that but Tata Pravesh doors are prices reasonably to offer value for your money.