We spend considerable time picking the right wall paint, furniture theme, and more. Shouldn’t you give the same effort in selecting design doors? The home doors are an integral part of your design, and it makes sense to prefer only the best.

Who would look at the doors indoor? Yes, it is not as important as the main entrance door. But think about a cool palette room with a red door. Here are some key ideas for choosing the right interior door for your home.

Remember that your taste matters beyond these expert opinions in picking the right home doors. So, let’s get started, shall we?

colour palette

Most people do not want to hire an interior decorated to create a colour palette or design doors. True, but you would have some structure to your rooms, right? You can choose a specific colour tone for a room. For instance, a kid’s room can have a cool palette, like shades of blue, green, or yellow.


When it comes to interior door design, the style has two elements. Firstly, the type of door, like single-leaf and double leaf. Lastly, you can pick simple plain home doors or go for a designed grand interior door design. Some prefer doors with more visibility to allow sunlight to fill the home.

There are different styles of home doors based on how the door opens or works. Hinged doors are standard in most homes. If space is a constraint, choose a sliding interior door design. For closets, you can select folding doors.


Wood and steel are the most common materials for interior door design. Wood has its aesthetically pleasing effect, and steel comes with durability. Some exclusive brands like Tata Pravesh offer a combination of both.

You can pick home doors made of steel with a wood finish. You can even go for an embossed design, grain-touch, and more. Another advantage of choosing steel design doors is the wide range of colours and designs.

Hardware addition

Beyond the hinge and lock, you can customise your interior door to have deadbolts, padlocks, hand lever, peepholes, and more. Unfortunately, few premium brands offer good interior door designs with fly mesh. This is where Tata Pravesh comes to the rescue once again.


While picking interior home doors, people usually overlook the frames. You can choose the most ornate door, yet a lousy frame could ruin the look. Experts prefer a simple frame for design doors and a decorative frame for simple doors. Tata Pravesh doors come with a frame, so you don’t have to buy them separately. The door and its frame are design-matched as well.


People often think that décor is about matching everything. It is not about finding similar home doors for all rooms. Each room can have a unique theme, and the door should complement it. While decorating a single room, uniformity is a good solution.

For instance, the interior door of a bathroom and a closet inside a bedroom should match the bedroom’s theme. Or, you can choose colour themes that would complement. How about the front and back of the door? Say an interior door separates the hall from the bedroom. Say, the bedroom is a red-themed room, and the hall has a cool theme. You can paint the doors in a different colour on each side to maintain uniformity.

Interior door vs exterior door

Why can’t I use the same door for interior and exterior doors? The interior home doors are indeed pretty catchy. Who wouldn’t like such a door in the front of their house?

However, an exterior door’s thickness, material, and sturdiness should be very high. Just because exterior doors are pricier than interior design doors, do not interchange them. The interior doors are not suitable to withstand weather like the outer door. Also, the security factor of an exterior door is superior to the other.

Some brands like Tata Pravesh offer doors suitable for interior and exterior purposes. You can prefer such interior home doors if you wish uniformity throughout the house.

In conclusion, there are many options for you when it comes to designing doors. Remember to choose a high-quality product before picking the designs. Just an elegant look is not enough for an interior door. Safety and privacy are also essential.

Moreover, specific intricate structures would cause too much dust to trap within the designs in home doors. At the same time, particular styles might also reduce the door’s strength by reducing thickness. Please do not assume that it is a trade-off between the beauty of the interior home doors and their quality. Go with a well-known brand like Tata Pravesh, and you can enjoy them both.