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All the Things to Know About Residential and Commercial Doors – Tata Pravesh

All the Things to Know About Residential and Commercial Doors

Doors are essential in every building, apartment, or industrial space. The type of requirement dictates the preference. Several distinctions depend upon the functionality. This article will shed light on the most common door types- Residential and Commercial Doors, and inform our reader about Tata Pravesh doors, the best-in-the-market option when it comes to doors.  

Residential Doors:

As the title suggests, residential doors are used for housing areas. Interior doors for homes have a better aesthetic appearance than traditional commercial doors. Homeowners often opt for eye-catching door designs, adding to the overall appearance of their residence. The height of residential doors does not vary much from the standardized height of 7 feet and a width spanning between 3.5 to 5 feet. The standard manufacturing materials for residential doors include wood and fiberglass, depending upon the homeowner’s choice and budget. Residential steel doors also exist nowadays and are getting very popular.  

Types of Residential Doors

In general, there are three types of residential doors:
  • Interior Doors
Interior doors connect different rooms within a building. They are small and mostly made of either wood or PVC. At times, metal doors are found in the kitchen or washrooms.  
  • Exterior Doors
Exterior doors for the home are used at the entrance and exit points of an apartment or building premises. They are larger than interior doors and often highly decorative.  
  • Garage Doors
Garage doors are used for parking outside the building premises and are often connected to the main building. They are often made of metal for security purposes.  

Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are used for spaces used for commercial purposes. Thus, they are built for functionality rather than form. As a result, they have a wide field of applications ranging from institutions, industries, storage, transportation, and warehousing facilities. The doors open and close several times a day and are built accordingly for the long run. Commercial spaces house large vehicles and large overhead types of machinery in several cases. In addition, storage facilities often require insulation to preserve products at optimum temperatures. Thus, the building components are more robust, durable, and withstand high impact.  

Types of Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are built to suit the nature of the job objective. They are built for durability and long life. Depending upon the utility, there are several types of commercial doors, including: a) Insulated Doors b) Sectional Overhead Doors c) Rolling Service Doors d) High-Speed Overhead Doors e) Impactable Section Overhead Doors  

Material Difference between Residential & Commercial Doors

There is a remarkable difference between the manufacturing materials used in commercial and residential doors. As explained before, the visual aspect is important in exterior doors for the home, and components are chosen accordingly. Homeowners often make matching selections with interior walls or windows for an overall better aesthetic look. Wood and fiberglass are better for aesthetics, while nothing screams durability better than steel. Commercial doors are built prioritizing utility and, as such, are made up of much stronger components. The most common materials include hardened aluminium or galvanized steel. Insulated storage spaces have a few additional requirements.  

Residential Door vs Commercial Door

One can quickly point out several differences between residential and commercial doors. Almost all of them are derivatives of their primary purpose. Residential and commercial doors can be distinguished upon the following characteristics:  
    1. Height and Width Spacing
    2. Building plans and structures prescribe a standard height of 7 feet. Height for residential doors varies either upon the vehicle kept or for other purposes. The width is kept accordingly. A lot of heavy vehicles and machinery pass through commercial doors daily. The door heights are kept according to requirement, often surpassing 12 feet. The width often allows space for double space entry.
  • Opening Capacity
On a day-to-day basis, residential doors are opened a few times, at maximum. Therefore, the underlying mechanism contains components built accordingly. On the other hand, commercial doors are opened and closed several times a day, and even at night. Therefore, no compromises should be made on the component materials, as a slight fault can incur heavy losses. Reputed commercial door manufacturers also provide a guarantee or warranty. Commercial doors also fare better than residential doors regarding quick, hassle-free operation.  

Cost Difference of Residential & Commercial Doors

It is a no-brainer that commercial doors cost much more than residential doors. The commercial doors feature costly equipment. Being bigger, they also require more materials and components. The setup installation is done by a group of professionals, ensuring the needs and requirements are fulfilled. As a result, residential components are cheaper to build and install.  

Tips on Selecting the Right Door for the Right Purpose

It is easy to differentiate and finalize your requirement between residential and commercial doors. However, setting up a commercial door within residential premises for keeping vehicles or rocking it out with your garage band is impractical, expensive, and illogical. The following tips may come in handy in selecting the right door: a) Draft a list of the functional requirements. b) Keep extra height and width considerations if possible, just in case. c) Select the right component materials for your door. d) Make a budget. Consider setup and installation costs. e) Look for different brand options. f) Pay heed to the advice of door setup professionals.  

Tata Pravesh doors- A Commitment to Excellence

  Depending on the requirement, Tata Pravesh doors offer all types of residential and commercial doors with additional maintenance and service options. A flagship brand under the world-renowned Tata group of industries, Tata Pravesh grows with the same dedicated drive and determination to deliver unparalleled door products and service across all sectors of the economy for all purposes- residential or commercial. The Tata Pravesh commercial doors are the best in the market in terms of quality, not to say that residential doors from Tata Pravesh are any less, and the commercial door prices of Tata Pravesh are the lowest.