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Fusion Doors – Newly launched residential interior designer doors | Tata Pravesh

Everything you need to know about the Newly Launched ‘Fusion Doors’ by Tata Pravesh

Did you ever imagine you would be able to select a door just by turning through a few pages of a leaflet?

Tata Pravesh brings you the future of doors, fusion door specially designed to uplift your home interiors. Fusion door will help you make your home aesthetically more pleasing and will definitely add an edge to your existing ravishing home.

Nowadays, everyone wants designer doors for home; you should not step back in that quest. Tata Pravesh steel doors will provide you security, safety as well as style, all at once. Moreover, they are affordable and maintenance-free, so just install and forget!


What sets Tata Pravesh fusion doors apart?

The primary reason that sets Tata Pravesh ahead of the rest is its durability. Fusion doors are lightweight and highly durable. The average life span of a steel door for a home is 30 years or more. But, with the proper maintenance, it will last you even longer.

Another contributing factor is the security provided by steel doors, which is unmatched. The inbuilt locks of steel doors provide enough security one needs. For being extra cautious, you can install another lock, and you will be completely safe from any breakingins.

Tata Pravesh fusion doors come in 2 unique door frame shades to choose from. In addition, you can ditch the traditional door styles and upgrade to modern and chic styling with the amalgamation of HLP sheet and steel doors.


Why should you switch to fusion doors?

The new fusion doors are fire-resistant, which will allow the occupants of the house to evacuate readily in case of a misfortunate fire. This feature comes in handy and protects the occupants. Alongside, designer doors for homes must be termite resistant to reduce the costs of maintenance.

If doors for home are made of wood, they seriously ignore nature and recklessly cut down trees. Tata Pravesh fusion doors are made of steel and HLP sheets; they are environmentally friendly. Thus, they contribute to nature and the future of Earth.

Since the fusion door is made of steel, they do not change with the season like the traditional doors. Therefore, you will not face any issues about the warpage of the fusion door. They are absolutely warpage proof, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance every season.

The new fusion door comes with an extended warranty of 5 years, giving you an added advantage of free service if your door is damaged in the warranty period. The warranty extends over locks, color fading, texture fading, and also termite attacks.

You can choose the texture of the doors among four different patterns. Tata Pravesh will provide the exact look you are going for with its fusion doors.


Price range and services

Installation of designer doors for home indeed includes the prospect of budget. While purchasing the Tata Pravesh fusion doors, you should consider the longevity along with the price. These doors for home value for money and will suit your budget. Additionally, the long life of the doors will increase the value of the product you will enjoy.

The extensive range will provide you with various doors, and you can choose the one that fits your budget and style. Please keep in mind the free servicing and extended warranty while setting your budget so that you do not resolve for anything less than you deserve.

Installation for Tata Pravesh fusion doors is seamless and contactless, much needed during the pandemic. The appointed men will visit your house and install the door while maintaining all proposed safety conditions.

If you are going for an upgrade, you should consider getting designer doors for home because you don’t want to spend again and again on servicing and replacement. Wooden doors suffer the effect of weather, termite attacks and are not at all user friendly. It is not intelligent to spend again and again over a door.

You will get the wooden finish on the fusion door, thanks to the HLP sheet finishing. So ditch the wooden doors and stop clinging to them just for the looks because you will get much more with Tata Pravesh fusion doors.

To state further specifications, the HLP used in fusion doors has a thickness 6 mm. GL sheet thickness is around 0.8mm. The powder coating is more than 60 microns to make the color last longer. Accessories that come along with the designer doors for the home have a warranty of 1 year as well.