Doors and windows provide safety and protect us from harsh weather. If you select a design like or in contrast with the house architecture, it can make your house look good. Residential doors in Bihar are mostly wood made. And the price of doors and windows made from this material is generally on the higher side of your budget. Therefore, if you think of affordable and better doors and windows for home, you can also consider metal doors or PVC or uPVC-made doors and windows. If you have an extremely short timeline horizon, you should go for uPVC doors and windows. However, if you have the wisdom of longevity and actual sturdiness of material in mind, then you should opt for a metal door or window. It may be costly initially, but it always turns out to be the most economical choice over time.

Firstly, let us discuss different requirements of windows and doors for home. And then we will provide some suggestions for getting your best match at a lesser price.

Residential Doors and windows are installed for two different locations in the house:

1. Interior doors and windows

You have several options for picking home interior doors and windows. The type you choose must determine the location where they will be installed. For example, you can choose between hardwood, metal and uPVC doors.

2. Exterior doors and windows: 

The main doors for the home should be solid, durable, and provide suitable security. For this purpose, steel doors and windows are the best. But, steel doors for home can seem costly in the short term. uPVC entry doors come in many patterns and styles, which allows you to pick appropriate windows and doors for home. These doors can also be the choice for the primary entrance door but are low on the safety factor.

Let us look at the cost price of different materials per cubic foot to understand the various options available.

Material price per cubic foot

Mahogany Wood: Rs 850 to Rs 2,500

Steel: Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1400

uPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride): Rs. 350 to Rs. 880

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Rs. 180 to Rs. 550

Door prices in Bihar have increased because of the increase in prices of materials like wood and metal. And from the above table, it is evident that PVC and uPVC materials are affordable.

But, PVC is not an ideal choice for doors and windows in the home. It is made of Polyvinyl Chloride, which emits toxic fumes when it is melted and is subject to fire. Therefore, uPVC is an ideal choice for doors in Bihar.

uPVC doors and windows are available in ready-made options, which further reduces the cost by giving economies of scale to the buyer. But both these materials, however, serve different purposes. PVC is commonly used in building for siding and fences. In contrast, UPVC is commonly used in the production of windows and doors. Because of PVC’s chemical makeup, it is not fit for residential window and door construction. As a result, we may conclude that uPVC is the most cost-effective material for doors and windows. But that is about it. While considering the cost aspect, one cannot forego the safety aspect, which is paramount in the case of the house’s main entrance.

UPVC and metal doors and windows have many advantages

  • Doors and windows made from UPVC and metal are easy to maintain

    UPVC is long-lasting and simple to maintain. These are better alternatives to hardwood frames because wooden doors are challenging to maintain and may get rapidly destroyed in harsh weather. UPVC doors and windows have a longer lifespan, which increases the total value of your home. Because of these properties, UPVC materials are now being used in many building doors and windows in Bihar. But they are still only at par when maintenance of metal, specifically steel doors, is concerned.

  • UPVC and metal materials have higher insulator quality

    UPVC and metal doors and windows offer better insulation capabilities than wood, resulting in lower energy expenses for heating and cooling the interiors. In addition, the air layer between the panes gives UPVC and metal windows their insulating value.

  • UPVC and metal doors and windows are of higher quality and more value for money

    Both are superior materials to wood in insulation, noise reduction, weather resistance, and many other factors. Likewise, UPVC and metal doors and windows have a high-quality finish and come in a wide range of shapes and patterns, making them a more adaptable window frame material than any other.

  • Environment friendly

    UPVC is better than PVC as it is free of chemicals, and toxic elements, making them eco-friendly. Similarly, metal is highly eco-friendly as no wood is used in making them. Moreover, UPVC and metal doors and windows keep their strength, colour, and performance for a long time. But it is only a metal door that is the true winner when it comes to safety. No one would want to compromise on that aspect when buying the main doors for home. All doors and windows somewhere do subscribe to test on the safety parameter.

    The door prices in Bihar are of varying numbers depending on the area under question: higher in rural areas due to lack of supply and lower in urban areas due to ease of availability. But overall, the aluminium window price in Bihar is one of the lowest in the country. So do your research well before making a decision.

    I hope these might help you in your endeavour to opt for the best and most affordable doors and windows for your new house. And, if you still have any doubts or queries, contact our experts. They will suggest what is best for you and provide you with a personalized solution.