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Residential Door Designs to give your home a Royal Look | Tata Pravesh

3 Outstanding Residential Door Designs that will give your home a royal look

The front door of a house makes a statement like no other corner. Your guests will see the main entrance door first and then the house’s interior. So, the theme of your home must resonate with the residential door design you are going for. There sure are hundreds and hundreds of beautiful designs you will come across, but none of them can beat these three outstanding door designs mentioned below.

Make the Back Panel shine:

When your look is classy and straightforward, you may not want to experiment much with the door designs. A better alternative would be to keep the residential door design simple with an amplified, artistic door handle. Choose a dark tone, and then you can also embellish the door with minimalistic hangings. A dark tone with minimal golden hangings goes a long way and will be a remarkable entry point for visitors. You may also go for stickers in place of hangings to make the look filled with etiquette. Gold leaf design looks ethereal on such door designs. The primary awe-striking feature in this category of doors needs to be its panel. Instead of choosing a regular panel, go for the one that will extend up to the wall. The colossal panel will give your residential door a royal look. High ceilings with spacious areas look gorgeous with this design. However, it would be best to skip such designs for lower ceilings as they will not do the space justice. On the other hand, high ceilings will look taller with this class of residential door designs.

Metal madness:

Metal doors like the ones made of steel are stealing the market. All thanks to their long list of advantages over the traditional wooden doors. If you are trying to cut costs over the long run and at the same time want great style in terms of residential doors, this is the style you are looking for. Metal doors come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Apart from adding much-needed protection and style to a residential doora metal door is also durable. The average life span of a metal door ranges from 30-50 years, even more with the proper maintenance. Additionally, metal doors are termite resistant, fireproof and the in-built locks provide extended security. Investing in a steel door may raise a worry in your mind that they will cost a lot. Once you think things through, you will find that it is not really the case. Besides, it is an excellent investment in the long run. To top everything off, you will get a wide variety of door designs to choose from. Metal doors come with metallic looks as well as a wooden look. They are environment friendly because no trees are cut during the process, contributing significantly to nature preservation. The enormous scale at which industries working on wooden furniture and doors take tons of greenery from the Earth is a great substitute.

Funk up the Residential Door with Colours:

A surge of colour never goes out of style. If you have a toned-down look for the interiors, you can brighten up your home with a subtly coloured door designOn the other hand, if you like an out of the box design and want to stand out in the crowd, you can choose the exaggeratedly colourful residential door idea. In these residential door designsyou need a colourful door frame with multiple panels so that the look is distributed evenly and not just on the door’s perimeter. You can fill the spaces with tinted glass or plain transparent glass. As per your liking, you can also purchase a designer glass to accentuate the design even more. A few extras: While going for a royal look, it would be good to stick to traditions. You can go for a traditional south Indian style residential door with motifs all over it. Some of them have chunky golden locks, which do not offer much protection but act as a look enhancer. Doors interspersed with stones are another trend many are going for. The door frame has openings where contrast toned stones are fitted in to get going with the look. The difference in colour and texture looks great with the interiors. There is no limitation in going the extra mile with the residential door. However, if your door does not have a lot of embellishments, go for an extraordinary handle; it surely will pull the entire look together. With some research, you can put all of these ideas into reality and give your residential door a royal touch.